The use of SafeSeaNet


If you already have a Danish SafeSeaNet account, log on with your existing username and password at using a Chrome, Firefox or EDGE-browser.

If you have forgotten your password, please use the “reset password link” at, and you will receive an Email with a link, to the Email address connected to your SafeSeaNet account.

If you cannot remember neither username nor password, please contact SafeSeaNet on Email:

To gain access to the Danish SafeSeaNet, please see below instruction:

  1. If you do not have an existing SafeSeaNet account, send the request form “Claim form to the Danish SafeSeaNet” to no later than 24 hours (within normal working days) before entering a Danish port.

  2. A password and username will be sent to you by Email.

  3. Log on to SafeSeaNet and upload the required data – The Tall Ships Races 2022 excel spreadsheet - prior to departure from your last port or as soon as possible. Latest reporting is 24 hours before arrival.

Excel spreadsheets to be filled: (documents can be downloaded as described below)

  • Crew list

  • Pax list

  • Ship stores (customs)

  • Waste and residues

  1. Latest one hour after arriving in a Danish port, log on to SafeSeaNet again, and insert actual time of arrival (ATA). The report will then change status to completed.

  2. Before departure, log on to SafeSeaNet and create a departure report.

  3. Latest one hour after departure from a Danish port, log on to SafeSeaNet again, and insert actual time of departure (ATD). Report will then change status to completed.

  4. Registration form, Excel spreadsheets, manuals and contact information for the Danish SafeSeaNet is available at

If you have any questions to the above, please contact Email:

Please note that some vessels chose to hire a local ship agent to handel the registration and uploading of data to SafeSeaNet.


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